Key Facts

Schools are responsible for managing user accounts and passwords. ICT School Services should not be contacted to add new accounts, change permissions or reset passwords.

Click here to change your password

Click here to find out who can help with your login problem

Click here to manage the staff accounts for your school, if you are allowed to do this

The self-service option allows you to reset or unlock your account - you need a private email address to use this, and must register first.

Click here to use the self-service options

ICT School Services can be contacted for support with errors and other technical issues.

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Signing In/Out

  • Users in BSF or CLG schools must prefix their username with BSFADDCC\ in order to sign in;
  • Users in other schools can use the prefix DURHAMLEARNING\ when signing in but this is not necessary;
  • Ticking This is a private computer on the login page will make the system work better for you, but you must remember to sign out properly when you are finished.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why do I see Access Denied when I log on?
  2. Who do I contact for support?
  3. Where are the DLG management options in the new system?