Problems accessing Office 365?

First, make sure your school has moved to Office 365. You won't be able to log in with your DLG or Extranet account until this has happened.

If you are new to your school, your school administrator or headteacher needs to create an account for you through the Extranet. This will generate a temporary 9-character password for both the Extranet and Office 365, which you can change when you log on.

If your account has stopped working, the fastest way to regain access is to use the self-service option. You have to set this up first, but then you can just click Can't access your account? on the login page and it will send you an unlock code.

If you haven't yet set this up, either ask your ICT Services engineer or call the service desk 03000 261100 from the school's main phone number. You will be called back with a new password.

Unable to access the Extranet, Local Authority Portal or your DLG school site?

Schools are responsible for managing user accounts and passwords. ICT Services should not be contacted to add new accounts, change permissions or reset passwords.

Click here to change your password

Click here to find out who can help with your login problem

Click here to manage the staff accounts for your school, if you are allowed to do this

ICT Services can be contacted for support with errors and other technical issues.

Click here to access the ICT Service Portal